Dubbing and voice over play a key role in the localization your video content.



Voiceover is used for:


  • TV and radio advertisements
  • Announcements
  • Promotional and instructional videos




Dubbing is used for:


  • Films
  • Television series / soap operas
  • Cartoons

In voiceover, the focus is on the content of the video, and conveying the message of that content.

In dubbing, the focus is on adapting scenarios for the culture and language of the target audience, all the while remaining faithful to shadowing the speaker’s every move.


Effective voiceover and dubbing is:


  • Seamless
  • Idiomatic
  • Faithful to the source text
  • Sensitive to the target culture



At Word Wide, we work with expert voice actors and linguist to offer you top-notch voice-over and dubbing services in Turkish, English, and Russian—including localizing the script.



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