Editing and proofreading constitute the two final stages in the translation process.

LQA, or Language Quality Assurance, tests the final product for linguistic and terminological accuracy alongside usability following translation or localization, ensuring that the client gets what they are expecting.

The editor:

  • Polishes the target text to perfection
  • Rids the target text of any spelling and grammatical errors
  • Improves the target text for fluency

The proof-reader:

  • Combs over and identifies any errors in editor’s work that need to be corrected
  • Give the text a final gloss over before submission

The LQA tester:

  • Compares the target text with the source text
  • Checks terminology
  • Uses special tools to align the target text/end product with certain standards (e.g. style guides, formatting, dialect)

At Word Wide, we work with an outstanding team of highly trained proof-readers, editors, and LQA tests—most of whom are native speakers of the target language—who are able to do all of the above, and more!

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