Especially in countries where English isn’t the primary language, academic (or scholarly) translation is an absolute necessity that ensures the flow of research and ideas between nations.

Academic translation encompasses a broad spectrum of fields spanning the hard sciences to the fine arts, and includes:

  • Scholarly articles
  • Academic journals
  • Textbooks
  • Lectures
  • Conference presentations
  • Research reports

Academic translators must:

  • Have a firm command or be an expert of the subject at hand
  • Keep abreast with the world of academia
  • Be precise with their terminology
  • Be excellent academic writers in the target language
  • Remain faithful to the source text

Good academic translation can open up many doors for many people.

From physics to politics, archaeology to anatomy, cryptography to criminology, no matter the subject, no matter the language combination, at Word Wide, our academic translators are masters of their fields and languages of expertise, and committed to helping you get your ideas published in any country around the world!

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