Banks, organizations, and individuals alike engaged in any sort of international dialogue between more than one country require banking translation.

Like legal translation, banking translation is highly technical in nature and involves expertise on the part of the translator—who must be precise, interpret the subject matter correctly, and understand legal and banking systems of the source and target countries.

There can be no room for error. What’s more, time is of the essence!

Banking translation covers:

  • Financial/annual reports
  • Banking statements & receipts
  • Correspondence
  • Accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Trial balances
  • Letters of guarantee
  • Loan agreements
  • Tenders and international contracts
  • Joint ventures
  • Accounting transactions
  • Investment and capital transactions
  • Documentation on asset and real estate management

No matter the language combination, at Word Wide, we have expert banking translators on who are highly specialized, fast, and committed to accuracy and quality.

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