Human health is everything. Driving our vitality is medicine.

Medicine is an international endeavour. Medical practitioners and companies around the world are in constant dialogue with one another. Mediating that dialogue is translation.

Moreover, those who don’t speak the language of their host country depend on healthcare interpreters to assist them during medical emergencies.

Medical translation covers:

  • References
  • Epicrises
  • Medical history excerpts
  • Surgery reports
  • Conclusions
  • Analysis results
  • Clinical trial documents
  • Pharmaceutical documents
  • Equipment and tool documentation
  • Research papers
  • Popular literature on medicine and science
  • Medical websites
  • Manuals
  • Conference presentations
  • Healthcare interpreting
  • Etc.
Medikal çeviri son derece teknik, alanında uzmanlık gerektiren ve mesleki dil bakımından zengin bir çeviri dalıdır. Bu nedenle asla hataya yer bırakmaz.

Medical translation is highly technical, highly specialized, jargon rich, and requires expert subject knowledge. There can be no room for error.

No matter the language combination, at Word Wide, we have those experts on hand, alongside a healthy list of references!

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