When you localize a video, you:


  • Change/adapt the audio (transcript, dubbing, background music/sounds)
  • Change/adapt the video (subtitles, on-screen text, playback speed)



Video localization is the best option for translating video content.

Video localization:


  • Is audience-focused
  • Is anything but literal translation
  • Is sensitive to how differently visual media can be used between countries
  • Considers the audience’s culture and social context
  • Considers regional colour, if the target language is spoken in more than one country


Video localization specialists must:


  • Be intimately familiar with how the target audience thinks and ticks.
  • Be outstanding writers of the target language.
  • Know and research the target market as well.
  • Be able to adapt the videotext in the case of voice-over.

At Word Wide, we work with a stupendous and highly professional team of translators, voice over specialists, and technicians who are able localize your video into any language or dialect, and help you take your business to the stars!



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